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Why PUBG Mobile Game is so Addictive?

Category : Game | Sub Category : Action Posted on 27 Jun 2020

Why PUBG Mobile Game is so Addictive?

PUBG Mobile Game Addiction ??

Yes, PUBG Mobile is an addicting game but it’s not a bad addiction. This game provides you many types of services that’s why people like it. If you play for fun it provides you good user experience. Many people play PUBG professionally and start earning through just playing it.

In India We look gaming just for fun, our gaming industry not making enough progress compared to the rest of the world, the growth of mobile users has exploded in our country in the past year. We are looking at a 20 percent increase in mobile users, I don’t know why People still consider gaming as an unproductive way to spend time. A big reason behind India’s gaming industry's slow growth rate is expensive gaming stuff, but if you start a career through PUBG Mobile you do not need any expensive console or hardware. You just need a smartphone with a good RAM, ROM, and screen recording option.

How do I stop my PUBG Addiction??

On anything, if you spend too much time, it will be useless for you. So, we can't just blame only PUBG for goof-off time. But you have to self-control for playing PUBG and make your own rules like time management, think about it why are you playing it, for fun, or make your own identity. Many players who start their career through PUBG Mobile and they are successful now. Players like levino, mortal, etc.

You have many platforms that help you to make your gaming channel platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Tik-Tok (for short videos), and many more.

PUBG Addiction: A Parent’s Guide

If you are a parent, do not punish children, abuse children or emotionally blackmail them to stop playing PUBG or any other game, because if you do that, they will be upset with you, Don’t depress them, just ask them that if you can make your career in the game like the other players you are fully allowed to play this game, but if you play for fun then make Boundaries.

Important things Parents needs to know while their child play PUBG…

Understand Why They Play

Parents need to know that, why their children play PUBG too much. And Parents have to explain to them that they understand why their child enjoys playing PUBG

Limit Gaming Session

Parents need to take notice of how much time their children spend on Online Games. They need to set a time limit (1-2 hours) on their child’s devices and they have to strict about that.

Age Limit

Parents should remember that PUBG Mobile game is rated by PEGI-16. And they need to set an age limit in PUBG. Because of that, their child won’t play PUBG for more than 2-3 hours.

Talk to Your Child

Parents should discuss their children about their online activity. They must trust and feel confident to talk about their online experiences especially when if they hear anything inappropriate and offensive.

Weapon and Violence

PUBG has rated the game 16+ and PUBG is based on fighting and survival, so the inclusion of weapons like Assault Rifles (AR), machine guns, grenade, bow & arrow, and violence and death is inevitable.

Protect Personal Information

Parents should know that their child may unknowingly give personal information during a game like Location and Payments. So, Parent should advise them that do not disclose their info to any type of online games or any other apps.

Teach Them Outdoor Games

In today’s Parents need to teach their children to play outdoor games Like Cricket, Football, Tennis, etc. and distract their minds from online games.


  If you are saying that PUBG is an Addictive Game then this will be right, because to some extent that, it is a game that gives benefits to a new gamer or to a person who likes gaming. If you improve your ways to play then you can take a position in the digital era. PUBG Mobile brings back to back event for you, where you can participate and win events.

“Stop thing about PUBG Addiction and bring yourself to an era of Possibilities.”

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