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Life Cycle During Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

Category : Health | Sub Category : Disease Posted on 30 Jun 2020

life after Coronavirus (COVID-19)

What will you prefer your life or…? 

The whole world is fighting against the ogre enemy. The Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19). For the first time in world history, almost all the major countries have stopped their daily scheduled life. They have postponed their present economic growth for survival. India is one of them, but now after three months of lockdown we have been set free, but Corona Virus has not gone anywhere yet. If we want to protect ourselves, our family, and the people around us. So, the responsibility that the government had taken for 3 months is now on our shoulders. Now we have to live with the Corona Virus because we have not yet been able to find any specific treatment for Corona Virus Disease. So, we have to continue this fight against Corona Virus and at the same time do our work which can be used to run our daily expenses.

Before the Corona Virus Generally, it happens people could not spend their time with their family. Especially when both of the parents are working. People generally get used to taking or getting belongings granted. This lockdown period gives us a chance to make dreams alive.

{Stay Home Stay Blessed}

Do you know 1 Corona Virus-infected person can infect 2500 people knowingly or unknowingly? No God and even none of us want to intentionally harm anybody. So why to be a reason for somebody's illness. Your safety also matters, so take precautions and do all the work, do not touch another person's things, Wear gloves while working and use masks.

{Medical Consult is important}

If you do feel some fever cold cough. Please consult with your Doctor. Get yourself tested for Corona Virus. Do not play with the health of your family members. Follow the instructions of the Government and WHO. You can also check your health.

{Say no to "Scuttlebutt"}

Nowadays there is much fake news in surroundings than the real news. Before believing any rumour’s check the official websites. And also, if you get any fake news from WhatsApp or any other social media platform don’t share it with any other person and report it. Fake news can mislead you and risk you. Looking at fake news, we have to avoid making our decision, Fake news can affect your perspective, so avoid it as much as you can. 

{Respect the people who are Safeguarding us}

Some of our country's heroes are in danger. For protecting us they have put their lives in danger. But they are not Avengers they can't return by creating sequels like part1 or part 2. Respect Our Doctors, Nurses, Health Workers, Police, etc. Cooperate with them. Because we need them all, Today, at a time when all of us were sitting at home, these people were doing the work of lentils in danger to their lives for us. Therefore, we have to take care of ourselves as well as those warriors.

Who is at risk for Corona Virus (COVID-19)?

The Corona Virus has been infected by people of almost all ages. But People who are above 60 or whose immunity is less, they are more prone to Corona Virus. The risk of serious illness gradually increases with age starting around 40 years. It is important that adults in this age range protect themselves and in turn protect others who may be more vulnerable.

There is no Corona Virus vaccine at this time. However, there are several ongoing clinical trials evaluating potential treatments. The WHO will continue to provide updated information as soon as diagnostic information becomes available.

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