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Who is Binod? and Where Binod is Coming from? | Binod Meaning | Why Binod is trending on all Social

Category : Trending | Sub Category : Binod 2020 Posted on 08 Aug 2020

who is Binod?

Who is Binod? For the last two days, this question is on the tongue of all Indians, who is Binod? And why is this Binod trending so much on all social media? After Sonam Gupta and Angel Priya, Binod is the name that is running on social media and the rest of the place after a long time. And almost from YouTube to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, now Binod is also trending on news channels. And now everyone wants to know who is Binod? Where did you come from, Binod?

Where Binod is Coming from?

Today we tell you who is Binod? And where does Binod come from? And how is Binod trending at #1 on every social media platform? Binod started with a video made by a YouTuber named “Slayy Point” In this video, “Slayy Point” explains how people comment in the comments section of YouTube videos in any way without meaning, and then those comments get garbage after that “Slayy Point” tells the comment of a user named Binod Tharu. In which the user goes on writing his name Binod and on his comment he also likes with his different ID, that is why the name Binod started and people started writing Binod in the comments of the video, After that, the name of Binod also started to be formed and thus this Binod started trending.

Binod Meaning

There has been such a craze on people named Binod now that even big brands like Amazon Prime and Paytm even SBI Bank are also promoting under the name of Binod. Actually, this is a thought in which a person is commenting on his own name and promoting it

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