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Exiting Upcoming New Feature 2020 | Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp

Category : Technonlogy | Sub Category : Social Media Posted on 17 Jul 2020

upcoming exciting Social media features

Exiting Upcoming New Feature 2020

Attention!!! There are some upcoming exiting features on Instagram, Twitter and what's app, that we need to know,

In case you missed it… Instagram has announced several new features for 2020, some already exist and some are yet to come, but there are 4 of our favorites!

Exiting Upcoming Facebook Features

Facebook Upcoming Features

Facebook knows that small businesses everywhere are already hurting, and many are taking big financial hits. So, Facebook has recently worked hard to roll out new features designed to promote and support small businesses that you can hopefully benefit from!

Facebook Shops: Facebook Shops will allow to every business to build their online stores on Facebook and Instagram and sale their product online, in this upcoming feature people and visitor can browse, save, share, and even buy product directly in application.


Exiting Upcoming Instagram Features

Instagram Upcoming features

Instagram Shop: Along with Facebook, people can now browse, save share and purchase their products of their favorite brand and creator on Instagram. You do not have to be confused between Facebook Shop and Instagram Shop. This will be a new shop tab in the Instagram navigation bar.

IGTV Ads: Instagram will be introducing 15-second ads in IGTV as a way for creators to monetized their video content. For now, these features have been planned for some of the selected groups of partners in the US country, then later it can be done globally.

Instagram Live Badges: The launch of badges on Instagram live creates a new revenue stream for creators, and a sense of exclusivity on the platform.

Badges purchased during a live video will stand out in the comments and unlock additional features.

Exiting Upcoming What’s App Features

Whatsapp Upcoming Features

Last Scene for Selected Friends: In this upcoming feature of WhatsApp, only those people can watch the last scene, that you want to show live. This feature may come next year.

Security Face Unlock: Along with finger print unlock, now it is also going to bring WhatsApp face unlock feature. What's app would release another security feature in 2020, namely, the face unlock feature which would work in a similar fashion as face unlock on our phones.

Dark mode: Along with the Facebook and Instagram, now there is a Dark theme on WhatsApp, it is a new feature of WhatsApp and some people are also liking it.

Exiting Upcoming Twitter Features

Twitter is testing a new feature that could allow users to reply to their tweets, the social media giant announced on Wednesday. The new feature is essentially a new reply permission setting that will enable users to decide who can reply to their tweets.

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