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How to download Videos from YouTube in Mobile and PC | Download YouTube Videos Keepvid

Category : Technonlogy | Sub Category : Social Media Posted on 08 Aug 2020

How to download videos from Youtube in PC and Mobile

It often happens that when we watch any video or Clips on YouTube and we like that video, then we want to download that video and share it with our friends or put a story on WhatsApp or Instagram but anyone Because of this we are not able to download that video and if you download video on YouTube, then that video gets saved inside YouTube and we have to make a screen recording of that video. This can also be a way to get videos from YouTube on our mobile. But this method is only for those mobiles in which only the sound of the video is recorded in the screen recording, like the iPhone. But in some mobiles or PCs, screen recording may also not be correct.

That's why I tell you some ways through which you can easily download any video from YouTube, without download any other application, and also for free.

 # Enter S between links to videos

This is the simplest and fastest way to download any video from YouTube, copy the link of any video you want to download from YouTube, paste it into the Chrome browser and enter S between the link and www and search. After that the page will open, you can download any video from youtube.

For Example- www.s___.com


# By using third party application

Another way to download videos from YouTube is that you can download YouTube videos that you want to download in Vidmate or by downloading any such third-party app. Or you can also download an alternative app of Vidmate or Tubemate and then you can also download videos from YouTube by searching YouTube videos in that app.

#Using Keepvid

KeepVid is a website or page where you can download videos not only from YouTube videos, but also from Fb and Instagram, in which you can copy and paste the link of the video into KeepVid website and download any youtube video.


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